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Dr. Margrit Spear

BOOK: Life-Changing Explosion of Consciousness: Introduction to Holographic Psychology by Margrit Spear PH.D / LMFT

Margrit bk2 Holographic Psychology is the birth of a revolutionary course of understanding that all comprehension and associated behavior is being subjectively determined and manifest as part of the individual’s psychological dynamics. It presents a giant leap in awareness, recognizing that all language is a symbolic means, reflecting people, places or things based on the person’s own accepted worldview. Holographic Psychology is surely one of the most important discoveries, revealing that the self-image is part of a process of human perception that evolves through three different realities. The principles of Holographic Psychology hold a viable model for world peace and provide an end to relationship issues or being a victim of any sort. Holographic Psychology holds the key to a healthier, happier life, as it exposes newfound freedom. The principles are based on the person’s potential and not his or her pathology.